September 2006 Technical Tip Writing form letters with SAS

Did you know you can write form letters with SAS? All you need is knowledge of a few tricks with SAS' FILE and PUT statements. In our example, we will read a customer name and address file and produce letters inviting these customers to visit our time share resort. We begin with the end; that is, here is how our letter should appear. Note the city name is embedded in the text of the letter.

    Dan Binford
    469 N 400 E
    DeSoto, TX 75115

    Dear Dan,

    Congratulations! You are one of a select group from DeSoto
    to be invited to visit our luxurious resort! Call 800-TIMESHR
    immediately for details!

    See you soon!


    Bill Qualls
    VP Promotions

Here is the SAS code to produce the letter:

filename formltr 'c:\temp\formltr.txt';

data mailing;
infile datalines;
input @ 1 nbr     $5.0
      @ 6 lname  $10.0
	  @16 fname  $10.0
	  @26 addr   $15.0
	  @41 city   $10.0
	  @51 state   $2.0
	  @53 zip     $5.0 ;
11224Binford   Dan       469 N 400 E    DeSoto    TX75115
12111Arias     Ida       4028 Elmo Loop Merced    CA95340
32555Ryan      Richard   914 Fifth St   Normal    IL61761
41499Hilmer    Debbie    21175 Felipa   Buena ParkCA90620
55123Josephson Peggy     248 Michigan   Jamestown NY14701
61626Havlik    Cheryl    551 Washington Whittier  CA90605
77271Carpenter Lois      326 Beach      Berwyn    IL60650
81288Black     Kathy     618 S Anza     Pasadena  CA91106
81997Foote     April     635 Burns      Carol StrmIL60187
94993Dixson    Richard   1021 Brown     Chicago   IL60612

data _null_;
retain lm 5;  /* left margin */
set mailing;
file formltr print notitles;
put _page_;
x = trim(fname) || ' ' || trim(lname);
put /// @lm x;
put @lm addr;
x = trim(city) || ', ' || state || ' ' || zip;
put @lm x;
x = 'Dear ' || trim(fname) || ',';
put /// @lm x;
put / @lm 'Congratulations! You are one of a select group from ' city;
put @lm 'to be invited to visit our luxurious resort! Call 800-TIMESHR';
put @lm 'immediately for details!';
put / @lm 'See you soon!';
put / @lm 'Sincerely,';
put //// @lm 'Bill Qualls';
put @lm 'VP Promotions';
Download file here.

The key points in this example are:

  • I have defined a variable lm for use as the left margin; for example put @lm x. Having such a variable will simplify shifting the letter to the left or right as needed.
  • The print option on the file statement, when used in conjuction with the _page_ constant causes the form feed character to appear. If you open the output file with Notepad and use the Terminal font, the form feed symbol will appear as the female ( ♀ ) symbol. With other fonts, you are likely to see just a box.
  • The forward slash symbol ( / ) is used to skip a line. If you use a slash (only) on a put statement, you are likely to get one more blank line than intended because SAS goes to a new line for every put.
  • The trim function and concatenation operator ( || ) are used to format text fields to be shown adjacent to each other. Without these you will get extra spaces you probably don't want.

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