October 2007 Technical Tip – What color is that? A trick with MS Paint

Assume you are looking at a webpage or an image and you see a color you would like to use elsewhere. In order to replicate that color you must know its red, green and blue values. One of my peers recently showed me an easy method to determine these values, and his technique uses, of all things, MS Paint. Here's how it's done....

First, you're going to need some means of converting the image to a format which can be opened with MS Paint. If the original is a jpeg or bmp then that's not a problem. But if the original is a webpage or application, you'll need to use an application such as SnagIt or WinGrab in order to capture screen images as jpegs.

Once you have a jpeg, open it with MS Paint. Use the eyedropper tool to pick the color; that is, click on the eyedropper and then use the eyedropper to pick the color you want to capture.

Then from the menu bar choose Colors > Edit Colors… Then click on Define Custom Colors. You will then see a window which resembles the following and from which you can determine the red, green and blue values as shown here:

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