Client Testimonials

"Instructor broke down a lot of the XML world in a short period of time. Was available for questions.  Knowledgeable about the course material."

    F.J., Programmer Analyst, Banking Corporation - Milwaukee, WI

    Custom XML Fundamentals

“Overall the course was outstanding.  I was able to understand and use the material hands on.    The instructor took the time to walk thru each subject, step by step."

   V.W., Computer Assistant, U.S. Government Agency -Chicago


“I will definitely recommend this course and the training facility to colleagues.  Instructor very knowledgeable, explained everything that was asked.  Environment was excellent!"

    E.Z., Programmer, Retail Company - Chicago

    Java Programming using RAD

"The instructor went on a perfect pace.  One of the top instructors I ever had."

   B.N., Programmer, Retail Company - Chicago

   Java/Servlet/JSP Programming using RAD-Fast Track

"I was very impressed.  It was a pleasure as well as a good learning experience to learn from this instructor."

   S.V., 2nd VP, Banking Corporation - Chicago, IL

   Intro to Programming MS.NET with Visual Studio

"Very easy to follow the student guide.  I really appreciate how patient and thorough the instructor was in his teaching methods."

   S.L., IT Specialist, County Government Agency - Los Angeles, CA

   Custom z/OS Mainframe Bootcamp

"The class was very well organized.  It went on a good pace.  The instructor was very knowledgeable.  I liked the way he compared Oracle with other databases, especially DB2."

   V.V., Technical Specialist, Retail Company - Chicago

   PL/SQL for Oracle Programmers

"Enjoyed sections on Refactoring and JUnit.  Appreciated the additions of the hands-on exercises."

   R.J., Lead Systems Engineer, Retail Company - Chicago

   RAD Technical Overview

"Very good explanation of proper coding structure and value to following guidelines."

   P.G., Programmer Trainee, Insurance Company - Milwaukee, WI

   Custom PL/I Bootcamp

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